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Pohlman is Cyberbullying a 16 year old disabled girl named Candy Waters. 4. APSFA (18) Not support at all 5.The promise of Ponzi riches makes otherwise intelligent people ignore the obvious and do very stupid things.One thing that makes me wonder is that they changed bank (where those hudge amounts of money come in) several times recently.As our network expands, we will welcome more and more leaders on stage with every major event and our event in Macao only proves that.The question is: Can YoCoin give bitcoin a run for its money.TimTayshun: I have to state, honestly, he was a nice guy: articulate, had at least some background and understanding in bitcoin, and we actually talked civily, despite our very clear disagreements on OC.BUT, intstead he talked about the new package, how good it is, all should buy this and so on.

You describe Onecoin 100% correctly, you can make money, but by scumming people.Help us investigate and warn others by reporting what you know.But we are both 100% sure that it will be no money account in the future.Here is a summary I posted of all the points I can think of which have developed over the past year with Onecon (with a few revised edits).The source, who worked for some months at OneCoin, prefers to remain anonymous, even though he is no longer employed with them.The process fulfills certain minimum public informational requirements.Confirmed: 9 out of 10 optometrists agree, Ruja Ignatova has vision.

Can the merchant account be depleted before Ben can withdraw. Absolutely.Your membership is personal and you cannot normally sell it or transfer it.I used some of those methods in the thread BLGM Better Living Global Marketing (penny auction Ponzi scheme).

They are in Honk Kong because it is relatively out of reach from US regulators.The Ponzi scheme issue is specific to OneCoin and most other MLM based virtual investments.We needed a bigger place for our operations, to reflect our status and better suit our needs.Read scam alerts, report a scam, and link to BBB Scam Tracker.We ask about the matter will also be (of the company) from responsible people, if such ones can be found.Because of the unprofessionality of the site and the fake articles, fake election to business woman of the year etc.If you have looked into our website (the link has been provided) you would have seen that.This means we do NOT use the Bitcoin algorithm with small changes.All assets are ceased and Ruja gets her 4.2m euro in Sofia revoked.

No doubt regulators investigating OneCoin will also ignore the facts, analysis and flow of money within the scheme too.That makes it similar to monopoly money, a currency that only can be used inside a game.The suspicion is that they are using your name to solicit funds in a fraudulent manner.THE PRICE OF PACKAGES MUST REFLECT THE GROWTH AND DEVELEOPMENT OF OneCoin.No admin can possibly manually compute and direct withdrawal requests from tens thousands of investors.Now when I looked closer at Ruja I realized what kind of a bitch she is and all the workmanship behind OneCoin.

The main part of that revenue is probably based on internal, non-monetary transactions, e.g. on people reinvesting internal payouts.Anyway I contacted them to see if they are in fact a major donor or a donor at all.M Norway: If OneCoin is low on cash, the withdrawal request will fail.M Norway: If you withdraw money from your checking account through an ATM, it will be a real monetary transaction.Dr Ruja is the dictator of the company and can do whatever she wants.If the company treats the cash balance (or cash available balance) as a debt and pays it, then the monopoly money analogy fails completely.We all will be given Cards to carry our OneCoin and make payments easier.But the beauty of this pack is that immediate mining of OneCoins will not stop your Tokens from splitting 2 times.

The biggest affect he wants to achieve is to make people talk about Onecoin.Crowdbridge Global Review: CBG Coin altcoin with pyramid recruitment.It can be compared to issuing bonds with zero interest rate, no real security behind them and thus no real obligation for the issuer to pay back the amount.Direct bank account wires with no confirmation or address requirement from you.It entered a dollar denominated credit to their account receivable.The biggest problem that Ruja is trying hard to cover is: Not a single buyer outside network.

Putting it on a static website instead of a video will gain more viewers through search engines and be a bit easier to navigate and read.Get you to pump your money in, then if you get nervous, publically humiliate you.I can only speculate that bitcoin turning commodity would NOT b good for onecoin, eventhough they r pushing it as good news.The only thing I have noticed is that you have derailed completely in your last few comments.Several people have asked to have their information taken down both politely and through threat of legal action.

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Read the update and tell me if it sounds like it has anything to do with cryptocurrency.

People should not believe they have real money in the Cash Account, they should try to withdraw money away from the system to their own external bank accounts.From memory Finnish police are announcing the status of their investigation mid-week.He placed me first beneath him and already placed a millionaire below me and several 5k packages.

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