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How to update Samsung Galaxy S5 stock partitions without breaking custom ROM or recovery.To access the settings of RT-AC68R, reconnect to the wireless network and use the updated IP address and port number.It happens on quite a few sites, all of which are generally respected (hotel booking sites, stationary suppliers, etc).Now I can access AICloud, use the Router app remotely no issues.

Key in the keywords for the sites that you want to block. Https webpages cannot be.

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However, the problem we have is access to just some websites, relating to logged-in functions.

You can restrict websites your children can access by restricting them in the router.As I said before, the router does not block any web sites unless you configure it to do so.

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None of the suggested URLs will load either, even on 2 separate PCs.

I am so bummed out about this, having just put my buffalo n router to a shady retirement.Anyway, if you do happen to find yourself in the above predicament, you can fix it by switching to a different browser on any machine on your LAN and accessing the URL the error message is at.

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Article ID: 3200 Block HTTPS Access for a Particular Site on RV016, RV042, RV042G and RV082 VPN Routers Objective.

I can browse a supplier website, that I need to log in to, plus add items to the shopping basket, etc.Clear up offline info saved for your router in the browser and you will be able to login.Unfortunately this discussion group is specific to all of the Cisco Small Business router products (RV0 series for example) not for the 8XX series.

After accessing the router via I was unable to restore access via IP by just switching the authentication back to HTTP but after I went to the LAN IP tab under the LAN section and hit Apply without changing anything it magically worked again.

Thank you ever so much, asus rt n66r here, you saved my bacon.D-Link VPN Router > DSR-500N > Blocking of HTTPS site using website filters « previous next...Hi, I am trying to block Facebook access for a very small business workgroup.If you set a good password on your router, unauthorized users won.

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Blocking sites with a router often does not work in this case.

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Is there anything I can try before having to do a factory reset.I recently got a new router, a DRL-600L Router from D-Link, and was setting up some filters to block out certain websites.

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Overview URL filtering presents some challenges when blocking a specific HTTPS site and, at the same time,.

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